About us

For those who value quality and look for high privacy and professional service.

People. We gave up the view that we are a business and people are our clients. We all are human beings, each of them special and having its own uniqueness, pursuing different goals, but at the same time gathering together for one purpose - the people who come to us. Every guest is considered a friend, and we are guided by the principles of humanity and non-entrepreneurship. We know that sometimes you may have questions that are uncomfortable to ask and which at first glance may seem primitive or foolish, but we believe that there are no stupid questions. There are only foolish answers when answering according to business standards. We, the Palanga Visit Team, want to be your friends who are ready to help, answer questions and make your mood better.

Children. Let's start with ourselves. We know that young families sometimes feel unwanted at different places, therefore we pay more attention to families with children. We understand that every child is a small miracle that we so appreciate. Kids are our most honest friends who soften our voices, make us choose a more lively vocabulary, and, of course, smile, and we love them for that. In each apartment, we can have a baby cot for free, in the kitchens you will find all the kitchen utensils you will need for the children to eat. In our spa, we provide services for the children, so that the whole family can enjoy pleasant moments.

Suites. We do not endeavor to save money, we try to surpass your expectations. The four-star apartments feature high-quality, modern décor. We do not make cost-effective decisions while thinking about the environment that is designed for your enjoyable holiday. Each apartment has a sense of quality, exclusivity and delicate luxury. We take care of the cute little things that make your pleasure and are really necessary, and you will always find the necessary kitchen and shower items.

Location. We are situated in a strategically convenient location: 5 minutes to the sea, and 2 minutes to the pine forest.

Spa. Throughout the year, SPA offers health promotion programs to the rushing and stressed modern persons, and highly skilled professionals pay special attention to services we provide. We also thought about our smaller guests, we offer massage services for children from 3 years old.

Parking. We ensured that every guest has a parking space. You will not have to search the streets of Palanga looking for a safe place to leave your car.